Citi Entertainment Action

This Google Assistant action allows users to search for live music events all over the country. I was resonsible for creating and presenting the prototype to the client. Additionally, I architected and wrote the code for the production version of this action.

App for car company pitch

This progressive web app (PWA) used object recognition to identify and give details about a car model. A user could point the camera at a car, click a button, and get info about that vehicle.

Food Service bot

This bot was a prototype that demonstrated how a restaurant customer could have a conversation-first dining experience. Thebot takes the user through the process of finding the nearest restaurant, checking in and being seated, ordering, paying,and leaving a review. I was responsible for creating the concept and execution of this bot.

BikeShare bot

BikeShare bot is a Facebook chatbot that helps users to find bikes on bike share networks across the US and Canada. I worked with UX and design to create the conversational flow for this bot. I was responsible for coding it.

Citi Global Rewards redesign

Citi requested a redesign of their Global Rewards platforms. Before the redesign, rewards programs were administered regionally,with each website having a separate look and feel. Part of the remit for this redesign was to unify both design and functionalityacross all global websites. All code had to be Level AAA conformant to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. Additionally,both code and design had to take into account multilingual content.

Lilly multitouch activation

Lilly requested a multitouch activation to help promote one of its drugs. The visual design, UX teams and I worked closelyto create a 60" screen that conference attendees could type on to share their experiences. Entered experiences were thenadded to a word cloud that multiple users could manipulate simultaneously to explore the experiences of other conferenceattendees.

Bloomingdales lookbook templating system

Designed a flexible and responsive templating system for lookbooks. This templating system greatly reduced the amount ofdeveloper time needed to code lookbooks.

Single page brochure site

  • HTML, Sass, Javascript
  • Grunt build tasks
  • Backbone for routing

Sharepoint CMS hosted site

  • HTML, Sass, jQuery
  • Ajax calls to serve customized promotional vouchers
  • Javascript animation

Pimcore CMS theme

  • HTML, Sass, jQuery
  • Susy Grids for layout
  • Ajax calls to load 401K data
  • Responsive
  • Uses greensock.js animations

Sharepoint CMS with support for Andriod 2.2+ and iOS 6+

  • HTML, Sass, Javascript
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Ajax calls to serve customized promotional vouchers

Custom-built WordPress theme.

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

The Futures Company

Added code to secure portions of the website and allow access to parties authenticated through third party services.

  • PHP, Javascript

Custom Wordpress theme. Built from scratch.

Custom theme for bespoke e-commerce platform.

  • PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/JS, Smarty
  • Caching with Memcached
  • Tons of Ajax calls
  • Design by Factory 77 2012

Custom site with rudimentary CMS based a Google Document key-value store. Built from scratch.

  • PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/Javascript
  • Data scraping via REST API calls
  • Javascript animation
  • Twitter API calls
  • Tablet ready
  • Retina compatible
  • Design by Mammoth Advertising

Modified Tumblr theme.

Custom BuddyPress child theme. Built from scratch.

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Twitter Bootstrap with LESS
  • jQuery/Javascript
  • Loads of plugin hacks
  • Tons of MySQL queries
  • Design by Albert Chu


Custom BuddyPress child theme. Built from scratch.

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Twitter Bootstrap with LESS
  • jQuery/Javascript
  • Loads of plugin hacks
  • Tons of MySQL queries
  • Design by Albert Chu

Quick Outliner

A Google Chrome plugin that compiles a barebones list of case summaries based on a list of legal citations.

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • jQuery/Javascript
  • Chrome extension API
  • Twitter Bootstrap

Custom-built Wordpress theme.

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Includes two types of custom widgets
    • Widget for displaying product information
    • Widget for displaying standard marketing copy with either one or two images and optional URLs
  • Lots of jQuery goodness (code and plugins)
    • Dynamically adding and removing DOM elements
    • Performing search queries; loading responses inline
  • HTML5 with backward compatibility to IE7
  • CSS3 PIE for IE
  • Design by

Wordpress theme acquisition, modification, and installation. Turnaround: about 1 day.

  • Worked with client to find a selection of themes suitable for their site
  • Made minor modifications to selected theme
  • Installed and conducted relevant Wordpress training

Custom Wordpress login page - because the default is not necessarily the best.

  • CSS
  • PHP
  • A bit of image editing
  • And a plugin

Custom-built WordPress theme

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • CSS PIE (makes IE 6-9 render CSS3 decorations)
  • Design by

Custom WordPress theme

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript
  • Typekit

Wordpress theme customization

  • Fix broken javascript
  • Add new JS functions
  • Clean up CSS
  • Migrate the site from an old domain - Inner Circle

The Inner Circle consists of a few modular widgets and a lot of jQuery.

    • Each widget has some combination of the following
      • The ability to choose from a few color schemes
      • The ability to define a category whose content to loop through
      • The ability to search through a specific category
      • The ability to enter arbitrary text
    • Widgets grab data from a variety of sources, both on and off site
    • All of the pop-overs, searches, and video loading are handled with jQuery - Site Theme

Custom Wordpress theme

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Custom widgets
  • Custom plugins
  • Design by

Design and coding of custom Wordpress template

  • Full lifecycle project
  • Designed multiple comps
  • Coded final template
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript
  • A bit of flash too


Static signup page for a coalition of co-working spaces.

  • Design in Illustrator
  • Written in HTML
  • Styled with CSS

Global Flittr

Global Flittr gathers Twitter messages from around the world and displays them in a way that immerses the viewer in an environment that reflects communication in the 21st century. The end effect will show a world that appears to be shrinking in size and time due to the modern communication technology that permeates through the lives of people around the world.

Multi-screen generative Twitter visualization.

  • Collaboration between myself, Lan Xu, and Gary Acers
  • Nine screen installation using Max/Msp
  • Loads of XML feed parsing
  • 3D modeling
  • URL rendering

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